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SERVICES - Enterprise Application Integration

Atcomm has extensive expertise in system integration, enterprise architecture and B2B system solutions and utilises a large range of software solutions.

Our experienced Technology specialists specialise in integration of internal systems as well as B2B solutions and web services through technologies such as:

    * Websphere
    * XML
    * MS Biztalk 206 - ESB
    * SOAP - JAVA based web services and .NET WCF

We employ latest Service Oriented Architecture patterns to connect people and systems. We are capable of integrating systems in the following ways:

    * Integrate desparate systems using SQL Server Integration Services
    * Read and update all your known databases
    * Read, create and convert XML, MS Excel or any of your text data
    * Create SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) solutions with your web services
    * Replicate and convert data between your databases
    * Send and receive mail, using FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SOAP or encrypted mail
    * Sign and verify your documents with full support for encryption
    * Access to Lotus Notes/Domino
    * Provide support for MQSeries
    * Use own message passing system, which out-performs MQSeries
    * Provide full XML support to create, query, convert, etc.
    * Communicate using XML or almost any other format.
    * Integrate business processes with MS Sharepoint workflow through Biztalk

If you would like to enquire further regarding our IT services please contact one of our consultants on 1300 885 772 or email us using the enquiry form. Our consultants will work closely with you to produce an implementation plan and that will suit all of your business requirements.