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Atcomm Android App Development

A successful enterprise is all about constantly reinventing ways to work more efficiently. In today’s techno age, this translates to testing new tools, software and applications in the market, all just so you can get your job done a little better.

The Android operating system on your phone provides you this platform to improve your business efficiency and productivity. The Android operating system for hand held devices was released by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 71 hardware, software and telecom companies, in 2007.  The Android software platform uses middleware and key applications and is based on the modified version of Linux kernel. It supports managed code in the Java language, controlled through Java libraries developed by Google. 

The Android operating system is specially geared for hand sets with touch screen and multimedia effects support. Android phones are rich in features, and offer flexible touch screen and Android Applications Development leverages these features from the smart phone handsets.

Atcomm uses the Android Application Development platform to provide innovative mobile applications for every conceivable business and service. Our work at Atcomm covers the entire gamut from small stand-alone applications to large solutions integrated seamlessly into our client’s back end systems. Our highly skilled and experienced developers come up with the perfect solution for you, whether you are looking to build unique custom applications or enhance or modify your existing android application programs.

Android applications include software that allows you and your employees to perform business work on the cloud, that is, it saves your work on remote servers. This helps your business become more mobile and efficient. All you need is an internet application and your work is all set to roll. You can use cloud computing with Google documents to work on spreadsheet, documents, or a power point type presentation.  All of this and more while you are on the move!  Thus, your business is no longer inaccessible. This translates into higher turnover and revenue for your business.

Consumers these days are increasingly gearing towards the use of Internet to locate services and products. Thus, this almost-infinite and parallel universe plays a key role in securing world wide visibility to generate higher profits, increased Return on Investment (ROI) and collaboration with other high-end enterprises in different parts of the world.

The popular social trend currently is to incorporate Android Application Development into your company’s online marketing strategy. This has unleashed a new platform with highly profitable potential to tap into the colossal market. To cater to this buzzing strategy, Atcomm has revolutionised web applications, which are mini versions of your company’s web sites, specifically for iPhone and PDA browsers.  Atcomm also provides Android Application Development for pure iPhone applications which can be installed without any browser integration. This facilitates you to submit your application in Apple Applications Store within various categories such as business tools, lifestyle, games, finance, sports, news, weather, education, travel, and so on. Atcomm offers a wide array of diverse Android Application Development solutions to help you leverage the World Wide Web and unleash your business potential to your advantage.