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Atcomm BI Solution Development

In an internet driven environment, it is imperative for a company to keep its product or business to the forefront of potential customers' minds. The creation of a dynamic end user environment creates a competitive advantage for organisations.  Today, people are looking for interaction with their information technology environment even while they are on the move. The world had been swept by the technology wave of smart phones and android powered devices.  Online search and information sharing and broadcasting has become an integral part of our life.

Companies are increasingly using Java Business Intelligence (BI) platform to create an environment that allows end users to access timely information and empowers them with the autonomy to search for requisite information, anytime, anywhere, without any inherent structural limitations and constricting database structures. 

An organisation’s use of BI is the first step towards information sharing and better decision-making.  BI solutions are designed to allow companies to easily process the volumes of heterogeneous data collected and stored into meaningful information to enable prompt and accurate decision-making. 

Atcomm Enterprises has years of experience in developing and implementing Java Business Intelligence solutions. We utilise a vast range of cutting-edge web technologies for design, development and implementation of Java based ECM solutions, be it customised programs to address a specific crisis in your business or off the shelf products. Through Enterprise Content Management (ECM), we deliver strategies, methods and tools to capture, manage, store and preserve content and documents relating to your organisational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow you to access and manage the organization's unstructured information, anytime and anywhere.

Through off the shelf products like Alfresco and Liferay, developed via Java technology, Atcomm Enterprises enables your organisation to gear its performance with a high degree of modularity and scalability. Alfresco and Liferay includes a content repository that provides free documentation and an out-of-the-box web portal framework for managing and using standard portal content.  These portals are the world’s leading open source portal solutions using the latest Java and Web 2.0 technologies. They have a built-in Content Management System (CMS) & Collaboration Suite to facilitate documents, web, records, images, and collaborative content development.

While designing and developing Java BI solutions, Atcomm keeps the end user in mind. Our user friendly interface is easy to operate even by the most non-technical user. Our suite of BI solutions feature query and reporting facilities, data mining and performance measurement technology to enable the accurate analysis of business processes and key information. We realise the importance of applications that are rich in functionality and capable of satisfying complex requirements so as to evolve into strategic tools that enable your enterprise to improve its productivity and efficiency.

Our mobile BI solutions are capable of delivering content over any wireless device, enabling you to work seamlessly from anywhere. You have a perfect B2B model in operation allowing your company to easily move, search, extract, load and process data anywhere in real time or at any interval. Thus, you can manage and organise disparate data systems to gain a consolidated view of your organisation.