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Java Application & Software Development

The IT industry plays a pivotal role in providing application development solutions and custom software development to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, media, retail, telecommunication, entertainment, healthcare, sports, and so on. The application and software developers make use of the latest technologies and processes like Java, JavaScript and Java J2 EE for the quick implementation of robust system architectures that can support customer activities as well as internal communication and co-ordination efficiently. Atcomm Enterprises – the leader in providing business focused IT solutions – has a team of experienced consultants with specialised experience in application and software development.  

The Java platform is used by developers to create a wide array of rich client applications. It lets developers write software on platform and run it on another. The flexibility offered by Java enables developers to create applications featuring endless reach with respect to functionality. Developers at Atcomm have successfully integrated a JBoss Seam Java system with eWay payment gateway for one of the leading insurance companies – The Warranty Group. This customized online transaction processing system ensures submission of extended warranty registrations.   

The Java programming language is widely used to create games and other programs that run within a web browser. It is also used for creating applications on cell phones and other consumer devices. Developers also use JavaScript for making a website more interactive. It is a great scripting language that does not require to be compiled. It can be directly embedded into the HTML code of any webpage to make it dynamic. There is not much issue with regard to file size or compatibility. Web developers prefer JavaScript, as it does not take time to load and also does not affect the ability of search engines to index whole of a webpage. JavaScript is also widely used to validate data, run processes locally, and to respond to user actions. Java application development however requires the developers to have certain skills. The analysts and consultants at Atcomm Enterprises have the required skill set to use JavaScript as well as other technologies to come up with customer focused IT solutions.  

Java J2 EE, the current version being Java EE 6, is widely used for server programming. It adds libraries which provide functionality to an application server. The Java platform is also used by developers to create custom credit card processing software that every retail business needs regardless of its nature or size. For instance, JPOS Retail Swipe Software, based on the Java platform, provides a complete credit card terminal without needing any additional hardware except a USB swiper. All you need is a Windows PC or Windows laptop with an Internet connection. 

Atcomm Enterprises offer professional IT solutions using technologies such as Java J2EE, JBoss Seam, Liferay, Microsoft BizTalk, Microsoft SharePoint Server, .NET, SAP and MS SQL and Oracle.  

JavaScript is also widely used in developing several iphone applications. For example, iSleuth is a JavaScript application that can be used for surveillance purposes. The application allows the transmission of images live to an iphone. It features a motion detector indication and a phone number link for emergency. It is also capable of auto scaling JPEG images on rotation.   

The JavaScript and other programming languages and technologies can offer limitless options when it comes to rich customer-centered application and software development. However, you need experienced developers with the right skill set for the job.  

If you are looking for a company with vast acumen and experience in developing cutting edge business information systems across a wide range of industries, you can trust Atcomm Enterprises. As well as application and software development, they have expertise in web development, project management, data migration and conversion, IT infrastructure and support, business intelligence, data warehousing, testing, and iPhone and PDA development.