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Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital System Implementation

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, 2010

Atcomm has been contracted to implement a complex IOP glaucoma management tool which will be distributed for use in the clinic setting by ophthalmologists and by allied health professionals.

For the Clinician the most important benefit of the system is its ability to allow members of the treatment team to quickly and visually review the IOP history of the patient including the effect of various treatments on IOP.  This will likely lead to improvement in clinician’s decision making process.  By allowing the sharing of IOP data between professionals the system will also encourage shared care in the managment of patients.

Optomtetrists would be encouraged to use such a program as well. Both in patients they are monitoring and where they are involved with shared care. Such data can enrich all decision making in glaucoma.

The architecture is based on Java, Hibernate, Apache Derby (DB2) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.