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An Out- of-the-Box Mobile CRM Solution to Leverage Your Sales Output

The web world offers an online platform to reach a wide spectrum of the audience. The mobile integrated technologies have redefined the scope of marketing. As the competition gets tougher, marketers are exploring different ways to reach their target audience. Thanks to improving mobile phone technology, scope of marketing has seen immense growth in recent few years. Mobile CRM is a unique software solution that can do wonders for your business. In fact, there are several companies offering CRM solutions to ensure a huge leap in the business. Atcomm Enterprise is a leading name that develops customized CRM solutions to help you foster your bond with your customers.

You can use the mobile channels to collect information about your target audience. Mobile CRM enables you to keep track of invaluable customers and help communicate with them in the most effective manner. The more information you have about your customers, about their needs, the better service you can provide. By using mobile CRM software, you can promote your products and services and let your customers know more about your business. Atcomm Enterprise offers business specific CRM mobile solutions that can give your business an edge over others. The company has a pool of experts who develop cutting-edge CRM mobile solutions to help you to store important information about your customers, so that you are able to improve every aspect of your business.

Mobile CRM offers various business solutions such as prospect tracking, online marketing and sales, customer contact management, and other relevant business analytics. This helps business owners to know more about their customers. In the web-world, there is unlimited information. However, marketers need to collect, analyze information and implement strategies so that they can collect relevant data about their target audience. As the process initiates, marketers can use this information to focus on loyal customers and can attune the marketing strategies as per the extracted information.

The world of marketing is dynamic and customers believe in recovering complete value of every single penny spent. When you take these two important parameters into consideration, you are able to plan accordingly be it for generating leads or for retaining loyal customers. Nowadays, customers have great expectations. So you need right information at right time to respond to the demands of the customers. Executives, salespeople, whether they are on-site or off-site, they need complete, updated and real-time information about their customers; they need access to client information at the click of a button. Atcomm Enterprise believes in providing mobile CRM solutions that can make customer relationship management an easy and effective option for your business.


Mobile Banking: Covering Huge Distances in Small Strides

2007 will stay etched in people's memories for long time to come, and that is because of one reason – Recession. Yes, it was this year that saw plenty of so-called best of the best business institutions falling prey to this global crisis and sinking without leaving a trace. Every industry was in the firing line except, banking industry. Why? Because it is the same year when financial institutions across the world embraced mobile phone devices. Yes, it was this very year when the concept of mobile banking came into existence. The move to launch mobile banking paid off and helped financial institutions in cutting down operating costs drastically, thus weathering out recession safely.

3 years hence, and the world stands testimony to the success story of mobile banking which is going great guns even today. Certainly, incorporating mobile phones in their business plans has helped financial institutions in gaining direct access to several potential client bases. Thanks to this expansion, today, in year 2010, both, consumers and financial institutions have become more comfortable with mobile banking and payments technology. This in turn has helped both, developing and developed nations, to stimulate economic growth and spur the trend of innovative business strategies.

However, the most noticeable improvement has been mobile banking's positive influence on the industry's area of payments. Today, business institutions across the world are heavily relying on Online payment channels, since it helps them maintain required levels of working capital throughout. Certainly, credit goes to Atcomm Enterprise and similar application developing players who have gone out of their ways in bringing about a flexible approach in the entire banking domain. Today, mobile phones with GPS features (chiefly the Android-based ones) can provide direct linkage between mobile offers and GPS mapping applications to spot the nearest merchant. That's not all, there is SMS-based transactional payment applications, direct mobile billing, Near Field Communication (NFC), Mobile Web Payments (WAP) that have been developed by expert players like Atcomm Enterprise.

According to latest stats, global mobile banking will hit the $200 billion mark by the year 2012. It is also believed that by 2015, number of consumers using mobile banking will surpass the ones using Online services.

From the above-mentioned stats, it is crystal-clear that mobile banking has got clear road to tread ahead. Honestly speaking, mobile banking is one effective way to reach out to unaccessible customer-base such as street vendors and remote areas residents. This way banks can improve their customer acquisition rate drastically.

Of course, applications are going to play a vital role in boosting the revenue prospects of financial institutions. Hence, they are advised to trust the expert which in this case is Atcomm Enterprise. The company has the requisite application development expertise in the finance sector and in past has undertaken and successfully completed various projects such as development of eCommerce websites, mobile payment integration micro payments for upgrades of mobile applications and development of mobile banking applications. 


Mobile Advertising: Time for Top Ad Agencies and Brands to Bite the Bullet

Year 2010 is witnessing some of the biggest brands in the field of entertainment, consumer packaged goods, retail and other sectors integrating mobile advertising into their media plans. No wonder, the entire advertising world is smiling. But who is responsible for this paradigm shift? To know the answer you first have to understand the background.

Everyone knows of Apple-Google rivalry, two of the biggest corporate giants in the world competing to become the biggest brand on the Earth. But recently when Apple launched iAds, this corporate rivalry took an interesting turn. iAds, the brainchild of Apple, was an attempt to run advertisements inside applications. So Apple had drew the first blood, kick starting a fresh new phase of this historic corporate rivalry. In reply, Google resorted to 'mobile first' approach that targeted masses. This confrontation paved the way to the inception of mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising is a unique advertising medium that delivers marketing messages to mobile phone users in a very personalized manner. The high interactive value carried by this medium gives it an automatic edge over other traditional advertising mediums. Considering the enormous amount of potential in offering, mobile advertising today is instigating major brands to integrate mobile media into their budgets. Clearly, ad agencies have got this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to laugh their way to rich moolahs. But that is not possible without the high-end expertise of Atcomm Enterprise which can help integrate ad agencies into the mobile space through web development and graphics services.

Interestingly, almost 98 percent of ad agencies agree to the fact that mobile advertising is a valuable or indispensable part of the media plan. Australia, for example, is being seen as one of the biggest markets for mobile advertising. Reason: In year 2009, Australia's 22 million population had a total of 25 million mobile subscriptions. On top of that, in the same year, Australia's mobile industry generated a staggering revenue of $15.5 billion. Numbers sum up the whole story.

In such scenario, Atcomm Enterprise can help ad agencies in broadening their footprints in the industry. After all, Atcomm has the desired experience in developing many rich advertising platforms for companies hailing from telecommunications and media sectors. Backed by highly experienced team of professionals, Atcomm Enterprise can easily integrate in mobile media space and then measure the outcome. 

Atcomm Enterprise is providing the required technical assistance to ad agencies to adopt this revolutionary concept of mobile advertising. And by every standard, it is living up to the hype it has generated. 


The Rise of Android and Mobile Advertising Bandwagon

After iPhone applications shot to fame, everyone believed that they are invincible. But once Android surfaced onto the scene, everything changed. Android's massive growth in past two years left everyone speechless. The open-source OS (Operating System) based on Linux for mobile phones released by one of the biggest brands of all time, Google, defeated the other emerging rivals such as BlackBerry to become Apple iPhone's biggest competitor of all times. In fact, post iPad launch (another Apple offering), a staggering proliferation has been noticed in Android powered tablets which gave former a run for their money.

While on one side international market was witnessing the clash of two corporate titans, at the same time, people were coming to terms to a fresh new concept – mobile advertising.

Pumping with potential, mobile advertising is one effective way of reaching out to a wider audience base. A cut above traditional advertising mediums, mobile advertising is the only digital advertising channel that involves personalized interaction between suppliers and consumers. According to a survey conducted recently, mobile phones will account for 11.7 percent of the total digital ad spend by 2014.

With such good prospects in store, it is the right time for every ad agency to invest. The message is clear and precise – grow your existing creative teams so that they are diverse enough to create and design for mobile devices.

Although purely co-incidental, yet simultaneous emergence of Android and mobile advertising concept has opened gates to listless revenue generating options. Imagine this: thanks to this development, Motorola is on track to sell the one millionth Android powered device. This clearly indicates what this lethal combo of Android applications and mobile advertising has got in store for its investors. 

Atcomm Enterprise, like all other business players, is looking to tap into the unlimited potential locked in this opportunity. It has a team of highly-experienced web-based programmers that can easily handle mobile programming duties.
Remember, mobile software is going to become more important this year as a way not only to hook customers, but also to give them real value. It is crystal-clear that demand is there and Atcomm Enterprise is taking required initiatives to handle it since it can pay huge dividends in 2010 and beyond.


M-Commerce is here to stay

Mobile phones are no longer confined to their clichéd roles of clicking crystal-clear pictures and listening to music. In fact in recent years, they have evolved into much more compact and sophisticated wireless communication devices that can help users in doing all sorts of things. Thankfully, with evolution of 3G mobile services, mobile phones have turned into street smart communicating, connecting, transactional and of course, intelligent devices. 

But the most interesting outcome of this metamorphosis is not the smartphone (as many would think so), it is mobile commerce. But will mobile commerce, also referred to as m-commerce live up to the hype it has generated? The answer is YES.

There are various factors that work in favor of mobile-based commerce.

First, unlike e-commerce, m-commerce addresses to a wider audience base.
Second, m-commerce as a powerful digital advertising medium has a personal touch to it, which other mediums lack.
Third, m-commerce is an innovative business model whose potential is yet to be tapped. Fourth, since mobile phone has become a basic necessity, mass acceptance is not something to be worried about.
Fifth, with consistent innovation, the future of m-commerce looks bright.

But despite all the above stated factors, majority of market players have reservations regarding how the concept of m-commerce will fare in long run, yet Atcomm Enterprise has resorted to an aggressive approach to get the things moving. Backed by a team of professionals that has got an unmatched application development expertise in the field of website development for mobile devices, Atcomm is on its way to redefine the fundamentals of consumer marketing.

The trend is expected to set an example for eCommerce website owners who are now looking forward to getting them customized for mobile devices. Taking cue from the recent developments, large number of retailers, as expected, are leveraging mobile to convert shoppers to buyers. In fact, according to a stat furnished by one of the leading management consultancies in the world, Deloitte, 55 percent of users said that they will use their mobile device to find store locations, while 45 percent suggested they will use the same to check and compare prices. Clearly mobile phone and commerce are converging into m-commerce and growing at an exponential rate, simultaneously.

Interestingly, eBay, one of the biggest Online auction and shopping websites in the virtual world, alone is expected to generate more than $500 million from mobile-based commerce. This speaks volumes about the enormous amount of potential locked in it.
At Atcomm Enterprise, we offer customization solutions for mobile devices to mCommerce and retail company sites, their web based product catalogues, payment applications and even develop mobile based shopping carts.

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