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Atcomm Enterprises: The agile player in the global software development domain

In this era of cut-throat competition, the only option that is left with any dotcom player to stay a cut above rest is to impress its clientèle with high-quality products and services. Easier said than done, this is where Atcomm Enterprise's cutting-edge Internet solutions come handy.
Presently, the entire global IT industry is going ga-ga behind agile development processes. Reason: This revolutionary software development practice involves a number of software development methodologies that operate on iterative development model. Under Agile software development processes, organized cross-functional teams work together in the same direction to create high-tech Internet solutions.

As already told above, agile development processes function on iterative and incremental development model which incidentally, is a step-ahead of traditional watershed model. The flexible nature of this group of software development methodologies facilitates timely deliverance of high-quality software solutions to clients.

At Atcomm Enterprise, these agile/iterative development practices help in every type of software development. Thanks to these practices, every application or software developed at Atcomm is quality-checked number of times. Not just on quality parameters, every final product at Atcomm is result of test-driven development and continuous integration.

But ensuring the immaculate quality standards and timely completion of various software development projects can sometimes be a tough ask. However that is not the case with Atcomm Enterprises; thanks to Scrum. Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework that facilitates management of various software development projects. Since direct client dealing is modus operandi at Atcomm Enterprises, missing a deadline is simply out of question. This is where Scrum comes handy, and helps delivering the demanded solution in half the time compared to those services providers who are still operating on the traditional waterfall development lifecycle approach.

Every final product or service is helmed with military precision at Atcomm Enterprise. To guarantee the same, several teams with Atcomm have incorporated elements of Agile development in their process. Considering its beneficial nature, the company intends to continue with the same practice in future as well. 

Meanwhile launching of Visual Studio 2010 has given Atcomm Enterprise another good reason for continuing with same agile methodologies. With it, developers will have a better supporting framework to assist them in software development. Thanks to Visual Studio 2010, agile processes like unit testing and iteration planning will get the apt support.

At Atcomm Enterprise, we promise to treat our clients with state-of-the-art Internet solutions. And in order to live up to our promise, we ensure all of our client's requirements are met through interactive requirement analysis, development, testing and review cycles. After all, it is about staying a cut above the rest.