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Growing Mobile Budgets to Help Businesses Clock Great Revenue!

Without a shred of doubt, the evolution of smartphones can be hailed as the biggest breakthrough of the 21st century in the global wireless communication industry. Interestingly, with emergence of 3G network services a whole new dimension has got added to the entire picture. In fact, it's no longer a secret that smartphones are slowly making their presence felt across all the sections of society.

Gone are the days when smartphones were confined to dedicated and sophisticated IT & business professionals only. Today, sales of smartphones have skyrocketed. This is quite interesting since not very long ago, speculations were doing rounds in international markets that mobile phone growth in western countries has hit the saturation point. And despite the growth rate still reading positive, it is continuously going down. But in the end it all turned out to be baseless rumors only.

On the contrary, considering the omnipresence of mobile business and the enormous amount of potential locked in it, one can expect a 100 percent hike or more in mobile budgets.

Of course, this very much looks the possibility. Consider this: Talk of utilities and today most people now have smart phones which provide direct access to application stores, enhanced browsing features, GPS capability, unlimited data plans and connectivity to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. If you are still not convinced then read this stat: iPhone's 140000 + applications have been downloaded more than 3 billion times. Numbers speak for themselves.

Clearly, the mobile phone business applications development is the next best option to place your money at. And like all players, Atcomm Enterprise too is traversing the same path but like always, we are a shade ahead of them. At Atcomm, we assist our clients in developing solutions for mobile devices in order to harness the tremendous potential this growing mobile phone market has got to offer.

Post iPhone explosion, the mobile advertising market has been buzzing red-hot with potential. With integration of increasing number of channels and brands, the horizon of mobile advertising is only going to expand from hereon. Atcomm Enterprise know that mobile phone is the next best advertising medium. This is the reason why we have allocated more funds to our mobile applications development wing. It is crystal clear that days of traditional advertising mediums are numbered and business owners are smartly switching to more measurable digital mediums such as mobile phone, and are allocating more funds to them. 

However, the credit of this metamorphosis goes to state-of-art mobile devices which have evolved as the most sought-after means for web browsing and social interaction in recent times. Incidentally, Atcomm Enterprises is now helping business players in acknowledging its significance which is ultimately leading to growth in mobile budgets.