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How Android Applications Have Revolutionised Day-to-Day Operations

Android Application Development is the latest hot trend in the smart phone market. The look, feel and function of the various Android Applications have redefined the entire mobile universe. With every passing day, technology users are demanding more features and better functions from their phone. To this end, Android is working on brand new applications for smart phone users all over the world.

With an android powered device, all one needs is an Internet connection to access the web. These devices provide valuable contribution and service in almost every sphere of life. Thus, if you are a student, you can check your courseware or get the latest update on your education system with portable iPad tablets or Android powered Tablets, which are becoming very popular.

Business Intelligence Android applications help the working professional stay competent by never going ‘off air’. By ‘working on the cloud’, your business can never be inaccessible.  Your business can leverage such cutting edge portable devices and custom build applications to improve your business productivity. With the power of Android tablets, your executives, can access customer and financial information from within a Business Intelligence tool built by Atcomm from any location.

Android's open source platform offers functions beyond anything else offered at this time. Designed on a mobile software platform and based on the modified version of Linux Kernel, the Android software platform offers open source development. Using this approach, we at Atcomm write our own applications to improve the features and function of smart phones and Android tablets around the world. Atcomm leverages this open-source technology to foster the development of innovative applications, at a cost that is much less than the traditional development options.

Our skilled developers, equipped with their professional and expert knowledge in Java and Android application development come up with the perfect solution for you to streamline your business.

At Atcomm, we carry out software application development in a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. Thus, the "planning" of software is interleaved with the writing of software itself. Through RAD, we are able to deliver the software much faster than through the conventional pre-planning method. This also makes it easier to change requirements.

Atcomm specialises in development of Android Applications for companies in industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail, Entertainment, Media, Financial Services, Sports, Logistics and Telecommunication sectors. 

In the Healthcare Industry, we have developed an internal web based Customer Satisfaction System and a Clinical Evidence Based Practice System based on Windows .NET Framework.  This system searches the client’s clinical evidence compendium for up-to-date evidence regarding effective health care.  It gives current and accurate evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis and management of medical conditions seen in everyday practice.  Tablets powered by Android applications also facilitate integration of medical records within a hospital. 

Atcomm has also delivered an Online Transaction Processing System for submission of extended warranty registrations. It is based on the JBoss Seam JAVA system integrated with eWAY payment gateway. This enables the website to handle a large number of transactions simultaneously, with a constant, unwavering optimised response time. This system can be accessed by anyone from an Adroid powered mobile phone or Tablet. An efficient Online Transaction Processing System (OLTP) is essential to not only attract but also retain customers and generate high revenue.