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Java Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence (BI), widely presented as an upshot of data warehousing has a much higher potential value. In today’s technology driven economy with drastically compressed timeframes, global spread and infinite growth opportunities, BI systems are essential in order to make any impact. Business intelligence involves taking advantage of data assets to make better business decisions throughout the enterprise. For a successful implementation of business intelligence system, you require tools to process large heterogeneous data collections into knowledge to help you understand your business and customers better.

Atcomm has sound experience in providing a solid architectural framework with rich levels of functionality that simplifies complex development by successfully leveraging operational data and networked applications into new Business Intelligence systems.

Internet access is not just restricted to desktop PCs these days. Consumers, world wide, have been swept by smart phones, iPad and Android tablets and the likes. This calls for exceptional development and cutting-edge technology on the part of developers.  Atcomm is dedicated to this end and provides services in all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), right from its conception, through gathering and understanding customer requirements to design, development and implementation of BI solutions.

Atcomm Enterprises provides Java BI solutions relevant to all industries to successfully address their critical business challenges. Our expert professionals have sound experience in developing BI software platforms like dashboards, OLAP solutions, pivots, custom reporting solutions, web reporting accessible through Tablets and mobile phones and real time information available at a click of a button. It reduces the time spent on low- to non-value-added activities across the enterprise and lays ground to concentrate on improving the ability to make profit-enhancing decisions.

For example, Business Intelligence, when typically applied to the marketing industry helps to extract the following key aspects to build strong sales and marketing strategy:
  • Understanding consumer purchase patterns and behavior
  • Assessing Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing campaign
  • Understanding information relating to area, time and product to estimate revenue, volumes and margin of profit.
  • Identifying valuable patrons and what drives them to you
  • Measuring cost per lead
Similarly, in the finance industry, BI will help achieve the following:
  • Control factors that affect the financial performance and get timely insight into areas that deviate from the planned business direction
  • Reduction in reconciliation and period-end closing activities through automation and process redesign
  • Financial consolidation and corporate reporting is made easy with a single-view projection of the requisite financials
  • Increase in revenue through information on improving management, tracking of sales float from sales programs, customer penetration, etc.
  • Multiple process streams involving spreadsheets and reconciliation can be substantially reduced. You can save on redundant budgeting, planning and forecasting activities across the enterprise. 
Atcomm Enterprises has also developed Business Intelligence for the media and telecommunication sector for operational and budget analysis to evaluate numerous back-end systems, capacity management to identify unused IT capacity and network operations management to counter problems like network congestion.

Thus, a well implemented BI system can be leveraged to improve efficiencies and global standing in the value chain.