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M-Commerce is here to stay

Mobile phones are no longer confined to their clichéd roles of clicking crystal-clear pictures and listening to music. In fact in recent years, they have evolved into much more compact and sophisticated wireless communication devices that can help users in doing all sorts of things. Thankfully, with evolution of 3G mobile services, mobile phones have turned into street smart communicating, connecting, transactional and of course, intelligent devices. 

But the most interesting outcome of this metamorphosis is not the smartphone (as many would think so), it is mobile commerce. But will mobile commerce, also referred to as m-commerce live up to the hype it has generated? The answer is YES.

There are various factors that work in favor of mobile-based commerce.

First, unlike e-commerce, m-commerce addresses to a wider audience base.
Second, m-commerce as a powerful digital advertising medium has a personal touch to it, which other mediums lack.
Third, m-commerce is an innovative business model whose potential is yet to be tapped. Fourth, since mobile phone has become a basic necessity, mass acceptance is not something to be worried about.
Fifth, with consistent innovation, the future of m-commerce looks bright.

But despite all the above stated factors, majority of market players have reservations regarding how the concept of m-commerce will fare in long run, yet Atcomm Enterprise has resorted to an aggressive approach to get the things moving. Backed by a team of professionals that has got an unmatched application development expertise in the field of website development for mobile devices, Atcomm is on its way to redefine the fundamentals of consumer marketing.

The trend is expected to set an example for eCommerce website owners who are now looking forward to getting them customized for mobile devices. Taking cue from the recent developments, large number of retailers, as expected, are leveraging mobile to convert shoppers to buyers. In fact, according to a stat furnished by one of the leading management consultancies in the world, Deloitte, 55 percent of users said that they will use their mobile device to find store locations, while 45 percent suggested they will use the same to check and compare prices. Clearly mobile phone and commerce are converging into m-commerce and growing at an exponential rate, simultaneously.

Interestingly, eBay, one of the biggest Online auction and shopping websites in the virtual world, alone is expected to generate more than $500 million from mobile-based commerce. This speaks volumes about the enormous amount of potential locked in it.
At Atcomm Enterprise, we offer customization solutions for mobile devices to mCommerce and retail company sites, their web based product catalogues, payment applications and even develop mobile based shopping carts.