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Mobile Advertising: Time for Top Ad Agencies and Brands to Bite the Bullet

Year 2010 is witnessing some of the biggest brands in the field of entertainment, consumer packaged goods, retail and other sectors integrating mobile advertising into their media plans. No wonder, the entire advertising world is smiling. But who is responsible for this paradigm shift? To know the answer you first have to understand the background.

Everyone knows of Apple-Google rivalry, two of the biggest corporate giants in the world competing to become the biggest brand on the Earth. But recently when Apple launched iAds, this corporate rivalry took an interesting turn. iAds, the brainchild of Apple, was an attempt to run advertisements inside applications. So Apple had drew the first blood, kick starting a fresh new phase of this historic corporate rivalry. In reply, Google resorted to 'mobile first' approach that targeted masses. This confrontation paved the way to the inception of mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising is a unique advertising medium that delivers marketing messages to mobile phone users in a very personalized manner. The high interactive value carried by this medium gives it an automatic edge over other traditional advertising mediums. Considering the enormous amount of potential in offering, mobile advertising today is instigating major brands to integrate mobile media into their budgets. Clearly, ad agencies have got this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to laugh their way to rich moolahs. But that is not possible without the high-end expertise of Atcomm Enterprise which can help integrate ad agencies into the mobile space through web development and graphics services.

Interestingly, almost 98 percent of ad agencies agree to the fact that mobile advertising is a valuable or indispensable part of the media plan. Australia, for example, is being seen as one of the biggest markets for mobile advertising. Reason: In year 2009, Australia's 22 million population had a total of 25 million mobile subscriptions. On top of that, in the same year, Australia's mobile industry generated a staggering revenue of $15.5 billion. Numbers sum up the whole story.

In such scenario, Atcomm Enterprise can help ad agencies in broadening their footprints in the industry. After all, Atcomm has the desired experience in developing many rich advertising platforms for companies hailing from telecommunications and media sectors. Backed by highly experienced team of professionals, Atcomm Enterprise can easily integrate in mobile media space and then measure the outcome. 

Atcomm Enterprise is providing the required technical assistance to ad agencies to adopt this revolutionary concept of mobile advertising. And by every standard, it is living up to the hype it has generated.