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The Rise of Android and Mobile Advertising Bandwagon

After iPhone applications shot to fame, everyone believed that they are invincible. But once Android surfaced onto the scene, everything changed. Android's massive growth in past two years left everyone speechless. The open-source OS (Operating System) based on Linux for mobile phones released by one of the biggest brands of all time, Google, defeated the other emerging rivals such as BlackBerry to become Apple iPhone's biggest competitor of all times. In fact, post iPad launch (another Apple offering), a staggering proliferation has been noticed in Android powered tablets which gave former a run for their money.

While on one side international market was witnessing the clash of two corporate titans, at the same time, people were coming to terms to a fresh new concept – mobile advertising.

Pumping with potential, mobile advertising is one effective way of reaching out to a wider audience base. A cut above traditional advertising mediums, mobile advertising is the only digital advertising channel that involves personalized interaction between suppliers and consumers. According to a survey conducted recently, mobile phones will account for 11.7 percent of the total digital ad spend by 2014.

With such good prospects in store, it is the right time for every ad agency to invest. The message is clear and precise – grow your existing creative teams so that they are diverse enough to create and design for mobile devices.

Although purely co-incidental, yet simultaneous emergence of Android and mobile advertising concept has opened gates to listless revenue generating options. Imagine this: thanks to this development, Motorola is on track to sell the one millionth Android powered device. This clearly indicates what this lethal combo of Android applications and mobile advertising has got in store for its investors. 

Atcomm Enterprise, like all other business players, is looking to tap into the unlimited potential locked in this opportunity. It has a team of highly-experienced web-based programmers that can easily handle mobile programming duties.
Remember, mobile software is going to become more important this year as a way not only to hook customers, but also to give them real value. It is crystal-clear that demand is there and Atcomm Enterprise is taking required initiatives to handle it since it can pay huge dividends in 2010 and beyond.