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Understanding the dynamics of global mobile application development domain

Last decade has witnessed a remarkable transition in the global mobile phone market. This extensive proliferation of mobile devices and mobile applications has turned heads of every successful business player in the world, in its direction. Interestingly, the robust growth prospects in both iPhone and Android application domain has been drawing new players and inciting established names like Atcomm Enterprise to step-up the quality-levels of their mobile application development solutions. 

But without any doubt, this decade will be best remembered as a dawn of new era in the field of mobile phones and applications development. The culprits, Apple and Google, the two top players of this industrial domain, who have been at loggerheads for quite some time now, can be credited for this metamorphosis. At present, both Apple and Google, have been aggressively promoting their respective iPhone and Android phone application development platforms, world-wide. Thanks to this neck-to-neck competition between these two giants, applications like Global Positioning System (GPS), scores of other business applications and real estate applications have surfaced onto the scene. The story does not ends here. Evolution of one-touch social networking mobile applications has facilitated users to stay connected with their social circle via various social networking websites such as twitter, orkut, IM and facebook.

Meanwhile, Atcomm Enterprise, the reputed Online organization which is widely-known for supplying competent Android and iPhone application development solutions to its global clientèle, is also looking to capitalize on the emerging trend. The experienced team of application developers at Atcomm take help of agile development methodologies to create them. Since every mobile application is user-driven basically hence, during development stages all these applications are comprehensively tested on every quality and practical parameters to prevent users from facing any problem later on.

Readers will be surprised to know that more than 80 percent of developers, at present, are busy designing iPhone applications. But this percentage is fast declining due to recent surge in Android applications user-base. Reportedly, the substantial growth in Android phone user base is a chief reason why iPhone-users are switching to Android mobile phone.

Interestingly, as Google Android is being projected as the future face of mobile phone applications & technologies, Atcomm Enterprise has smartly changed its gears and is now offering conversion of Java based applications into Android applications (mainly because Android operates on Java). But despite that iPhone continues to be the dominant force in the market. This is quite surprising, since inspite of losing a big chunk of its customer-base to Android mobile phones, iPhone sales are still going strong. This goes on to show that despite one or two names ruling the roster, there is ample space for other platforms to thrive.

With Atcomm pioneering the Android and iPhone application development solutions in the global IT industry, future certainly looks bright for mobile software development.

Although it remains to be seen who will make the final cut, but at present it is the Android mobile phone applications that has been gaining strong momentum.