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eCommerce Web Development

With passing time, as technology advanced, it created new business opportunities and rules. E-commerce is a result of business innovation in tune with contemporary realities. Almost all companies, irrespective of their size, have extended their activity on the World Wide Web in order to be successful. In fact, today a company’s web site is often seen as the reflection of its reliability, confidence, success and significance.

However, it is no longer restricted to just creating web-sites and on-line shops. Since these websites are intended to contain dynamic and updated information, in order to have an extensive reach, scalability is an essential element. Scalability is the property of a system to handle growing amount of work and new functions efficiently and to be open to potential growth opportunities. Also, these e-commerce web-sites must be user friendly in terms of operations and at the same time have high functionalities.   In today’s times, online transactions demand an easy, open, flexible and secure payment system.

Web sites must offer the option to work with different electronic payment systems, billing systems and database information.  It should also be geared with a high level of data security. Atcomm Enterprises has many years of experience in developing competitive ecommerce web solutions using cutting-edge technology like Java/J2EE Technology Framework, Microsoft Technology Suite - .NET, MySQL Server/PHP server side scripting, Oracle Technology Framework, Web Portal Applications like OSCommerce, Joomla, VirtueMart, etc.

At Atcomm, we have built an outstanding team of professional developers to successfully integrate our solutions into the business processes of our clients. Our e-commerce web solutions enable our client to use any payment systems they like, to connect their web site to database and billing systems thus, facilitating payment integration as well as with the internal ERP or CRM or any other support systems. At the same time our systems are developed keeping in mind the integrity of data and security of operation, as well as security of payment transactions.

Atcomm also specialise in implementing web based real-time financial service solutions like dashboards, reporting systems, payment integration systems, analytics and other customized Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to allow clients to continually monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and get access to the latest management and financial reports. Using this, our clients can diagnose financial issues on the fly, with drill-down customer or transactional details and make quick and prompt decisions. This saves a bundle in terms of cost and of course, their valuable time. Thus, as an example, by using custom-built Java financial services solutions, one no longer needs to be knee-deep in spreadsheets for monitoring and analysing financial and business performances.

Through our financial service solutions developed through Oracle, SQL and Java, front-line managers can stay updated with information on their departments' expenses and revenue contribution and thus, improve their financial performance.  By using Atcomm's application development services one can efficiently streamline their business and reduce costs. A recent example is The Warranty Group, for whom Atcomm successfully implemented the Java financial services solution network.