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Healthcare Solutions

Technology has driven every aspect of our life to new heights. It is, no doubt, important to be well alert about health requirements and updated with the right source of information. To keep pace with this need and the trend to be technologically advanced, the healthcare industry has rapidly adopted the mobile technology.

Professionals engaged in healthcare are increasingly using mobile devices for their routine and day-to-day requirements. This involves accessing patient records, securing test results, reviewing patient specific information, entering diagnosis, billing, consulting drug specific information and other reference material, synchronising information with the centralised system. Java healthcare solution development enables you to perform all these functions without being wired to your desk.

At present, medical and health related information is stored on different platforms. A web and mobile based health care development solution is required to allow the sharing of information to serve at every level from medical and healthcare strategy to policy formation, decision making and administration. It would also contribute towards preventive care services and budget management.

Another critical problem resolved by an efficient health care system is redundant data entry. Health care officials tend to spend more time on entering superfluous data than providing healthcare services. A powerful health care system in operation would also meet different requirements for information, as well as eliminate the need for data integration, an extremely arduous task.

Developing health care systems can be really complicated. Areas such as patient information databases, billing systems are vulnerable to error and even fraud. Designing, developing and maintaining an efficient, diverse and seamless healthcare system that can exchange huge amounts of patient data, requires experienced and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to this end. Atcomm Enterprises have proved their application development expertise in this field by their contribution in the development of high-end Java healthcare solutions.

Atcomm Enterprises has been developing custom healthcare solutions including patient record management, integration of medical data, reporting on medical data through custom reporting solutions, dashboards, designing specialist medical software and so on. In this regard, Atcomm were assigned the responsibility of designing and implementing a complex IOP glaucoma management tool for Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. The architecture of the system was based on Java, Hibernate, Apache Derby (DB2) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.The objective of this system was to facilitate integration and reporting of medical data.

This healthcare system allowed members of the treatment team to review the IOP history of the patient swiftly, including the effect of various treatments on IOP and the patient’s past history. This helped the clinician to make an informed decision. By facilitating the sharing of IOP data between healthcare professionals, the system also encouraged shared care in the management of patients. Such a health care system when implemented, eases and expedites the decision making process with regard to not only glaucoma but also other medical conditions.